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**Due to system error, GST for products were not deducted accordingly for reseller account from 30th/4/2015 onwards.

We have already updated our system and deducted the GST charges accordingly (21st/5/2015) .

Kindly check your reseller account for the latest update.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 


* For unpaid STOCK HOLDING , Cassa Fashion admin reserve the right to cancel pending orders without any further notice. ( This does not include paid orders )


1) Cassa Fashion will be close on 4 / May / 2015 due to Wesak Day.

2) Due to weak currency exchange rate , There will be price changes for certain products. Kindly double check on the prices before selling/purchasing.

3) New Western Union details has been updated HERE



We have completed Detail Guide for our Resellers !


1) Once Shipment No. is generated , it is considered FINAL . There will not be any further changes on the SHIPMENT.

2) For NEW RESELLER , Kindly go through our Reseller Guide before you make an Order.

Reseller Order Guide HERE.

Reseller Shipment Request HERE.

Cassa Fashion's Website is running smoothly. We have solve all the website's error instantly.

We hope customers/resellers enjoy using our NEW WEBSITE.

Kindly take sometime to adapt to our new website & system , admin team will always be there assisting and guiding you.




Featured Products

  • CFT 9731 RED

    Mini Sequins Flower Cheong Sam

    RM 45.00

  • CAP 5654 RED

    Trendy Sling Bag

    RM 36.50

    RM 28.00

    On Sale

  • CFG 3828

    Smurf Knitted Top

    RM 42.00

  • CFG 3830 NAVY

    Trendy Design Knitted Top

    RM 29.50

  • WYY 70237 ORANGE

    Trendy Stripe Top

    RM 26.00

  • CFJ 67012 BLACK

    Two Piece Princess Long Dress

    RM 49.00

  • CFD 218023

    Elegant Chiffon Lace Joint Design Maxi

    RM 40.00

  • CFJ 1739

    Elegant Glitter Beads Tube Dress

    RM 57.50

  • CFJ 1727

    Paisley Sketch Print Skirt Dress

    RM 50.00

  • CFN 51037 BLACK

    Euro Summer Feminine Dress

    RM 29.00

  • CFN 51038 MINT

    Euro Printed Top

    RM 22.00

  • CFB 20647

    Trendy Bagpack

    RM 52.00

  • CFB 20650

    Stylish Bagpack

    RM 46.00

  • CFD 7281

    Euro Trendy Design Jumpsuit

    RM 35.00

  • CFT 6003 RED

    Swiftlet Flora Printed Cheong Sam

    RM 45.00

  • CFT 6015 ORANGE

    Flora Lace Cheong Sam

    RM 43.50

  • CFJ 1786 FUSCHIA

    Elegant Stylish Sequins Collar Dinner Dress

    RM 57.50

  • CFY 30930 WHITE

    Checkers Design Dress

    RM 23.00


  • CFY 30930 BLACK

    Checkers Design Dress

    RM 23.00


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